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Our working language is Dutch and English.



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With a broad network of expert translators, AABEE produces translations that are accepted around the world.

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We work for companies, government bodies and individuals.

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We offer:

  • 300 professional translators
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Translations for everybody

AABEE manages projects of all sizes: from a single page to a sizeable project to be translated into 20 languages. Our flexible infrastructure enables us to adapt.

Certified translators, chosen for their skills and working only in their mother tongue, are carefully chosen according to the languages they work with as well as their field of expertise.

Translation Agency

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A few examples of what we do:

Birth certificate translation

Marriage certificate translation

Divorce certificate translation

Translation of certificates


Diploma translation

Naturalisation papers



Translation of immigration documents

Academic degree translation

Police record

Judgement translation

Power of attorney

Legal contract

Desktop publishing (DTP)



Translations of:

Employment contracts

Business plans

Insurance reports

Audit statements

Purchase agreements



Technical instructions


Product descriptions

Medical reports

Financial reports

Trademark law



Promotional campaigns





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